Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paradise Found - Faux Funnel Video

I thought I'd show you my new video made today of the new soap I made using my new mould.

Paradise Found is a floral woody type fragrance and is described as a luscious fruity-wood fragrance with top notes of bergamot and rose. Sweet, rich blackberries, dry leaves, and an amber-cinnamon blend round out this gorgeous designer scent.  It's really lovely and very unisex I think.

I wanted to do a faux funnel swirl and was told this fragrance oil worked fine and gives enough time to play around so I thought I'd go with it.  I found it thickened up a bit but, hey ho, I can work with it.

Despite the soap being a little thick, I still managed to get the swirl ok .. at least on the bottom half of the soap anyway! I love the colours I choose, a nice bright blue with sparkle gold and white.  I can't wait to cut this!

Hope you enjoy the video .. Titch and I are chattering all the way through, just as ever.  I'll show a cutting video on Monday or so.


If you cannot see the video (subscribed by email etc) then just click "I wanna see your movie" and you'll be taken straight to You Tube.  


  1. Being a bit of a novice, this was an extremely enjoyable video to watch. I think I may try this in future. Wonderful! Can't wait to see the bars when they're cut!

  2. So beautiful Celine! It's amazing the confidence you show working with soap as it's getting thick and thicker. My girlfriend from New Zealand and I have been watching your video while chatting about it on the phone. Thanks from both of us for the inspiration! ♥

  3. Such a great video!! Love the color combination. You and Titch are the best of can tell. Also enjoy the talk about trying to keep "doom & gloom" attitude out of your life...the best advice for survival...Thanks for being so inspiring, as well as being a great soapmaker!!

  4. Loved your video and the colors you chose for this soap looks really, really nice together. Makes me want to ditch my plans for the day and go make some soap! ;0) I can't stop messing with the top of my soaps oldest daughter says I have a problem ;0). lol..have a great day!

  5. Hi Celine...I recently tried the "faux funnel" on an anise soap with black & white. Came out great...rather funky. Thanks for the video!! Joan


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