Monday, January 30, 2012

Paradise Found - Cutting Video

I thought you'd like to see the cutting video we made this evening for Paradise Found - this is the soap I made on Saturday using the faux funnel technique.

It worked out really well, I LOVE the colours, the glitter, the pattern and, above all, the fragrance is just amazing.

Titch and Malky were involved too... as you'll see.... enjoy!!!!

Here's the link if you can't see the video itself.. just click HERE.

The soap will be fully cured in early March and will be available online from


  1. Oh gosh... tell Malcolm he's hilarious... no wonder he's the movie star! LOL
    I think you should cut the extra bar into samples!

  2. Lovely soap and great entertainment from all three of you...thank you.
    I think you should keep your extra soap for sale...samples should be little gifts and not expected. You could even cut your 2 thin sample ends in half and people would have several showers worth to check out the new scent.

  3. Great soap colours are stunning and a few giggles through the video too.............Love your accents muchly :0)

  4. So beautiful - really great color choices! Love it!


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