Friday, January 20, 2012

Jupiter Fruit

Jupiter Fruit... odd name I hear you say? Well, it wasn't it's original name but I changed it after feedback on Facebook when I showed some rough "just cut" pictures.  So many people said "it really reminds me of Jupiter" ... and, as it's fragranced with my own blend of dark blackberries, tangy tangerine and juicy yellow peach, what else could it be but Jupiter Fruit?!

This one went crazy on me and I almost had soap in a bucket ... it gelled almost before it got into the mould so it was a huge race to get the colours in and get everything in the mould to make sure it was a viable soap! But, I think, I managed it, again! Crazy fragrance oils, they can be such a challenge - but I love it when I win!!!

So here is Jupiter Fruit, enjoy!

This will be fully cured by 20 February and will be available online at so make sure to drop in and check us out.


  1. I know it is not your 'usual' style but I think this is my favourite Celine soap! <3

  2. This soap has left absolutely no clues that it was a quick mover. No air bubbles, no weird texture, it's perfect!! I don't know how you did it, but GREAT JOB!!

  3. Awwwh thank Tanya .. love that you say "Celine" soap, that makes me smile every time!

    Amy .. thanks hon! I never normally gel my soaps at all and I think one gelled right in the bucket before it even got into the mould. It's an odd texture to me but I'm just not used to gelled soaps I guess. It's grown on me but it's just so different from my others that I had a hard time liking it at first. But now, I totally see it. But, with a mover that fast, it's a limited edition for sure LOL.

  4. Jupiter Fruit -- what an original and marvelous name! I think this is the best name for a soap I've ever heard! (And it's gorgeous, too!) Wonderful job, especially with narrowly avoiding soap on a stick!


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