Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Married a Movie Star!

No kidding!

My darling hubs, the love of my life, works as a film extra... he's been in three series of the Tudors and Camelot and movies such as Shadowdancer and Leap Year plus, last year, he filmed with Glenn Close and did a dialogue scene with Pauline Collins in Albert Nobbs.

Well, as anyone who works as a film extra, you'll know that, sometimes, they get treated as "meat props" (a term actually used on occasion and really a nasty one too).  It basically means that they're living backgrounds and not to be be heard (cos then they have to pay you more).  But, sometimes, they get a break and, in Albert Nobbs, my lovely hubs was asked to work on several scenes and was told by the Director and Producer that they loved his work so much they were going to upgrade him to an actor for his work.

We were thrilled but we figured, in the big world of show business, that he might not actually get his name on the credits ... but today we found a list from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences aka The Oscars, of movies that are eligible to be voted for an Oscar... and hubs is listed!

Scroll down to Albert Nobbs (not far down the list) and you'll see Malcolm Blacow listed! We are totally chuffed... okay, you might say, so what? Well, film extras work really really hard, sometimes 16 hours on set, in rain or cold, or fierce heat, they often are called first and last to go home and can be that whole time on their feet (no idea why there are never enough chairs!) and might never get in front of the camera all day.  So, for all that hard work, for all the scenes he's shot that he got no credit for, for all the days of sore legs and exhaustion and sweating buckets in a medieval costume and fur cape in the middle of Summer when they're shooting Christmas scenes beside a roaring fire... for all that work, it's just great that he gets that little acknowledgement, that the Director and Producer did what they said they'd do and that he received his due credit.  For that, I am chuffed as a VERY chuffed thing on a biggest day of Chuffedness in the Chuffed Universe!!!

Malcolm Blacow, I love you, you Goddamn Movie Star you!!!

Now, I need to get my people to call his people to see who's making dinner tonight ....


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Malcolm and Celine! That is so exciting thanks for sharing such great news! (p.s. You know what they say Celine...."Behind every good man...")

  2. Yay! Congratulation! Now all you need is Malcolm endorsing your products!

  3. Woohoo!!! How awesome for him! Now you can say you 'knew him when...' ;)

    Isn't it wonderful when recognition arrives. Well done Malcolm xx

  4. Very cute! It's always wonderful when people are properly credited no matter what their involvement was!

  5. How cool is that!!! Please tell Mr. Malcolm congratulations from your soapmaking friend in Kansas! :)

  6. Wow, how very exciting! I love good news, it made me smile on the way to work! Ps. Celine I Love my angel soap! Xxxx

  7. Awwwhh thanks everyone! The movie was nominated for the IFTA's which are the Irish version of the Oscars so fingers crossed. Imagine if it was actually nominated for an Oscar? That'd be so cool!!


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