Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Thanks to Ka Fée from Soap Session

A huge thanks to Ka Fée from Soap Session who mentioned my soaps in her round up of those incredible soapers from across the world who've tried out her inspired spoon swirl.  Her full blog post can be viewed here.

Some of the soaps pictured in the post include:

Adam & Eve (now available online)

Black Raspberry Vanilla (sold out even before it went online!)

And others I've made include:

 Lavender Lime Vetiver

 Lemongrass Verbena


Check out our website for further details at

Thanks so much Ka Fée, for your inspiration!


  1. I discovered your blog in Kafée's message. Thanks to yours, you're inspired me when I create a soap even if I haven't your experience (and your colors lol)
    Thanks girls!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - I love these pictures so much, Cashmere is my fav, I want a bar!

  3. All of these look wonderful. Congrats on the mention by Ka Fee. :)


  4. Love this technique! You rock at it, Celine!

  5. Lunia - welcome to the blog, hope you enjoy my ramblings!

    Isbhel - the Cashmere is fully cured when I get back from holidays (mid July) and I'll be notifying people via FB if you're interested!

    Thanks so much Michelle ... it was great to be mentioned cos I love her work.

    Anne-Marie ... oh thanks, it's nice to rock at something so beautiful!


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