Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Well a big ol' Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there - those who are lucky enough to be able to hold their babies in their arms (no matter how big or old those babies are these days) and those who can only hold their babies in their hearts today.  You are all Dads today and you should be celebrated.

Here's a pic of my Dad - Tony - he's an avid golfer and enjoys a cigar or two (or three, or four .. I won't go on!).  He loves Jameson Irish Whiskey and he's having a massive dinner of corned beef and cabbage tonight (yuck for me, but double yum for him!).  He's had some health issues recently but that's not stopping him from having two holidays this July, one of them in Salzburg.  He's travelled to all sorts of places from Thailand, Kuala Lumpar, Hong Kong and South Africa to Australia, Brazil, Austria, France, Greece and Turkey to name but a few.  He's a retired jeweller and has brought up 9 kids! He loves doing his daily crosswords and playing his keyboard and will hit the big 8-0 this November!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! Have a great one!!!

In a very sunny Turkey

In Turkey, pictured with my hubby, Malcolm

In Greece with two of his sons, Kieran & Peter (middle)

In Australia, with his sister Florence

In Greece with this youngest granddaughter, Holly

In Austria with one of his granddaughters, Anna

In South Africa on a golfing trip


  1. Happy Fathers Day, Tony! Celine, your Dad looks like a really fun guy -thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Wow! thats a lovely post, Your Dad sounds wonderful. I cant believe he will be 80 from those photos! he looks very youthful and has a lovely, smiley happy face!
    My Dad would go mad and probably make me remove it, if I did a post about him !!

  3. Thanks so much you two! He had a good day and slept very soundly after a few pints and a nice whiskey!


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