Monday, June 6, 2011

Calling all Soapers... Do you Blog or Facebook?

I love love love love love love and, did I mention that I love, blogs? And most especially soap blogs? And most especially of all, soap blogs with pictures that are updated often? And did I say ones with pictures?

So, if you blog about your soaps and other bath & body products, fancy posting your link here? That way lots of people can enjoy your posts.  And I'm more than happy to add them to my blogroll too. 

Plus, if you Facebook, then I'm really happy to follow you and LIKE your page.. so show me the link and I'll be on it like butter on a hot potato!

Oh and if there are soapy bloggers out there who like to keep a blog roll (and I do it because I can keep all my favourite blogs in one place and see who updates often), then please feel free to add my blog to your list.. pretty please!  Soapies Blogs United!


  1. I have both, but since it's all in lithuanian, I doubt anyone would really enjoy reading any of it LOL.

    At least I "liked" you!

  2. Evelina, on Blogger, I have it set to translate most languages - it doesn't do it 100% well but enough that I can understand it! Facebook, sadly, doesn't have such a feature (they should!). I'm going to check out your blog now!

  3. Your blog is lovely and your soaps are beautiful!! For a beginner like me, you are a great source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your ideas and pictures :)

  4. Oh Nitya, that's such a lovely thing to say! I've been cold process soap making since last September only (my holidays in Turkey in August really re-energised me) so I still pretty much count myself as a newbie too! Thank you for your lovely comment. x

  5. Hello! I'm Italian and I follow your blog that is a source of inspiration for a beginner like me! I just started making soap and i try to keep updating my blog ...
    Happy soapmaking!!!

  6. Hi Sonja! Thanks so much for your lovely words, I'm going to have a look at your blog now and add it to my list! Isn't soapmaking a total addiction?!

  7. I just started my soap blog which is the one i comment with. I would LOVE to be added to your blog roll I think you are already on mine.

  8. Thanks so much for your comment... I'm going to check out your blog now and add it!! This is great, loving all the blogs!!!

  9. Hi from Germany! I totally understand your fascination with watching soap pictures...that's why I like your blog:)
    Most of my posts are about soap...though lately I snuck in a few about cakes;)
    Good luck with your future soap projects!

  10. Hi there! Oh yeah, looking at soapy pics... my fav hobby! Soap Porn is the biz... now cake pics too? I think I'm in heaven! Off to have a good look round your blog now! x

  11. Hello !

    Here is a map to fnd french soapmakers. Using their names you can find sites with wonderful pictures.,1.757813&spn=10.536663,18.676758&z=5&source=embed

    Hope you will enjoy ;)

  12. Celine, I have a blog, but haven't updated in awhile. I've been thinking out a new post (or trying to, at least!) for the last couple days so hopefully I'll have something up soon!

  13. Soapies Blogs United! Know what, Celine? You are a hell of a sweet person, I could cuddle you right now. You give a lot of persons inspiration and after your comments post and this one I am sure there will be lots of soapers responding and feeling very happy about it. And you are so right, reading this blogs is so much fun and inspiration and help and I love you for doing this :-)
    xxox Angela

  14. Hola Celine, me gustan mucho tus jabones y tus reflexiones. Aqui te dejo mi blog
    Espero te guste.

  15. Annabelle - thanks so much for the link! I'm going to have a look see at it now. Much appreciated.

    Bliss Mistress (loving the name!) .. I find at times that it's hard it think of what to post and wonder if people really want to read my insane ramblings too. I soap only about once or twice a week, time allowing so it's not like I can show soapy pics every day like the bigger producers do. But I like to be able to share info about myself etc so.. I guess what I'm saying is blog about something that interests you/gives you joy/makes you happy!

    Angela!!! Goodness me.. you have me blushing like a tomato here! Me.. give inspiration? Goodness. I feel very much like I'm finding my own way in the soaping world and there are so many soapers out there who inspire me... I just cannot think of myself in those terms! You are a sweetheart, you really are!

    Texia.. thank you soooo much, I'm going to check your blog out too now.

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy so many new blogs, I'm LOVING this!!!!!

  16. You have my old blog listed and I'm now under Two Blooms so my recent post isn't showing up.

    My new blog is:

    My Facebook although it's in progress is: (URL will change once I get more likes.

    My flickr:


  17. Oh Michelle, yes I knew you'd changed address and I meant to change the list.. I'll do that now, cheers for reminding me (head like a sieve at times!)

    And I'll go and LIKE your Facebook page now too.

    And you know I'm gonna have a long look at the Flicker page also LOL

    Thanks again!!!!

  18. What a great idea Celine!

    My blog page ~

    My facebook page ~

    I don't have a blog roll on my blog page. I must look at how to set that up, thanks for the tip!

    Tanya :)

  19. Thanks for starting this conversation, Celine! I love discovering new soap blogs! And I hope some of your readers will head over and check out mine. Cheers! -Ruth

  20. Hi Ruth, I already have your blog on my list but I'm hoping others will read this and find undiscovered treasure themselves!!! Thanks for the comment x

  21. I must say I have "wasted" the better part of my day reading through soap blogs (I too am a blog addict) I found you're blog from The Soap Bar and man am I ever glad I did! There is something to be said about Soapers, they are all some of the most wonderful people I have ever met! I have been making CP and HP soap for almost 4 years now (branched off with bath bombs and am about to embark on lip balms, bath melts and eventually come up with a line of household cleaners and disinfectants.....when I can find the time haha)
    I have a blog which I'm starting to actively use and you can find us on Facebook too (where most of my pictures are)
    I'm so glad I randomly stumbled upon you :)

  22. I'm on facebook, so I'd love it if you like my page, Sagewood Soap.

    my website is, but I don't have a blog.

  23. My facebook page is located at and the website is located at I do updates through each day a few times. Tips, soaps and anything to do with the natural soaps.


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