Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bath Bomb ... just practising!

Any time I've ever tried to make bathbombs, they've turned into warty horrors.  Lots of people who make bath and body products make bath bombs, lots don't.  They don't because these things are more tempermental than a middle aged man going through the manopause!!! Seriously! Their success depends on whether you use an infintesimal amount of water more than you should or not or whether it's raining out or not (humidity can make your bombs go off!).  They can be a nightmare! But they're fun and I love using them in the bath.  And when I realised our holiday house has a bath, well I had to pay more attention to these, didn't I? I have to have at least one bath a day!

So, last night, I tried to make some and they turned out to be warty monsters... again! I was in a little bit of a bad mood afterwards (read .... cranky old mare) and was determined to try again tonight.  I used a two parts bicarb with 1 part citric acid mix with some Sweet Almond Oil and a little fragrance oil.  I found some colours I bought about two years ago and they're not great but will do for now.. I have ordered some powdered colours and hoping they arrive soon. 

These are tonights attempt - the front oval ones are Spiced Apple and the back, round ones are Pink Grapefruit.  I don't think they're TOO bad for an experiment.. do you?

I loved the star pattern on this mould I found on
ebay but the bomb is pretty huge!

Our collection from tonight - these are all
going on holidays with me! I think the white shows
the star off more than the speckled pink

This one is entitled "Titch" cos it's made by my honorary
daughter and that's her nickname

So, for those of you who do make bath bombs regularly, do you have any tips or hints for me? I didn't use water in this, just upped the oil level a tinch more which seemed to work well (better than the tons of water I added last night which made them warty horrors!). 


  1. I've never made bath bombs so I can't be of any help to you..but for an experiment ..and even beyond.. these look great!

  2. These are just gorgeous, Celine ad Ger - i adore the layered ones, such a great shape

  3. C'Bong ... they can be a nightmare but I suspect it's one of those things that, when you crack the technique, you have it. Not sure I've cracked it yet though! I want to try with the powdered colours and see if they're any better - I'm not liking the speckle the liquid colour gives. I suspect they will blossom beautifully in the bath water and .. hopefully not though... stain the bath??

    Polly - thanks hon! We had a blast!!!

  4. I never make bath bombs, I even don't use them. But for me they really look great, especially the "giant bombs" have a nice shape. They will be great fun in the bath tub.

  5. These have been the bain of my existence. Sometimes I get perfection and other times I don't. It's one of those things I can't seem to make consistently well but I'm bound and determined to one day get there. I like the one that is white especially and they look great for an experiment.

    Often I lust after those who seem to have attained perfection making these like KB Shimmer.


  6. Celine,

    I liked you on Facebook under my personal account on Facebook. I haven't set up a public profile on my Two Blooms as I don't want the name of my page to be under my personal name. From what I understand I need 25 likes and then I can set up a username for my page and then enter in my profile information so I can connect with other Facebook accounts.


  7. Not too bad? *tut* you'll be a whizz at these soon too, no doubt about it :)



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