Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do you Comment?

I love to blog - you might have noticed.  My husband asked me one day why I do it, surely people don't all answer, so am I not sort of talking to myself.  I said I didn't mind, sometimes you get the best conversations that way (he rolled his eyes!).  But I do love getting comments, I really do.  It's a nice feeling that someone takes the time to respond to your thoughts and, occasionally, insane mutterings. 

I read a lot of blogs and I try to comment on them when I possibly can.  Sometimes I can't because I have no knowledge of the subject matter or someone else has said the exact thing I was going to say already.  I often feel bad I didn't leave a comment though and I'm going to amend that ... more commenting from me! And I like to comment because someone took the time to post up an interesting thought or article or tutorial or something and I'm very grateful they did.  The things I've learnt from other peoples blog is immense.

However, I have a minor peeve... just a tinchy one but still.  As a blog writer/owner/whatyoumacall it, I try and answer all the comments people leave for me.  Again I'm not 100% in this and again I feel bad about it so I'm going to improve that too.  But, you know, someone again took the time out to comment on a person's blog, it just seems polite to respond.  Sometimes you can just say Thanks, it doesn't take long.  I just feel that, as long as a person has commented on my post, it's nice to comment back!

So, I'm going to comment more to other peoples blog posts and I'm going to make sure I hit 100% in my replies on my own.  And that's my Sunday promise to myself! Happy rest of the weekend to you all!!!


  1. I agree Celine, I love getting comments on my blog. My Sunday promise is to blog more, so people have something to comment on! :)

  2. hehe! I think we all love comments and feedback, if only to reassure us someone out there is reading our words!
    I do try and reply to blogs, but prob not often enough. Dont read regularly read many mind, so it should be simple!


  3. well, ive got to comment now haven't I...would spend all day feeling guilty otherwise lol. It is difficilt sometimes like you say, if you don't know the subject well or someone has already said what you wanted to say but I'm with you....let's make a comment pledge! x

  4. Before I blogged I spent years on Livejournal and forums etc, so was actually shocked how few people comment on blogs .. I get hundreds of 'page views' to each post, yet I'm lucky to get more than two comments tops - and they're from personal friends!

    I've just accepted this is the way it is in blog-land and like you I'm happy to put the effort in regardless .. But it is odd when people in forums or what-not mention something in my blog, or even tell me direct "oh I read your post on ...... (whatever) and it was great / really helpful" etc .. I always want to ask why they didn't comment - but I don't ..

    Truth is I can barely keep up with writing my own blog and rarely get to read my friends :( If I do though, I like to leave a little note :D Have a lovely week-end Celine, it's a long one here so I have tomorrow off too!

  5. Rachael (myroo) .. I don't think I have your blog on my list, sorry!!! I shall remedy that shortly!!!

    Ren - LOL I read more than I should probably but I'm a sucker for pics and things (as you know!)

    Wedding Jewellery - I agree with you and sorry for the guilt trip (hey, that old Catholic guilt has to come out on a Sunday for me, obviously!) .. will definitely agree to a comment pledge!

    Clear (Artisan Soaps) ... I agree, I've gotten a few "oh I loved your post a few months ago" comments and I'm really pleased to know people are reading! And you can't really ask why don't people post (hope this post didn't come across as that, it's about me wanting to up my game I guess). Oh and it's a long weekend here too! And the kitchen should be free all day, weather (and golf) permitting!!! LOL

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments... lets have a comment pledge LOL xx

    Oh and does anyone have any probs commenting on Blogger lately? Seems it doesn't accept when I log in... oh well!

  6. good for you! I rarely have time to comment back, but I read all of them. I actually have been trying to respond back this week. Funny you mentioned it!

    Thanks for being such a loyal reader!

  7. ps: I THANK you for including my PB blog on your list...

  8. Jo - I do have time, just not always the words or the energy but I'm going to just do it, I can be such a procrastinator at times! Oh and I'm happy to include your Product Body blog, I love it! One of these fine days, I'm going to treat myself to a haul of your goodies!!!

  9. Good for you for putting this out there! You are so right. I've also noticed that when I started commenting on blogs, that I started getting more traffic, from the writers of those blogs and their readers. So it's really a win/win proposition!

    And as to your problem with Blogger, I have one word: Wordpress! ;-)

  10. Hi, I read and enjoy your posts, I also like your side bar of all the soapers you like. I feel guilty for not posting before after reading your lastest comment and I will try to post more when I can. Best wishes Sidewalkx

  11. Ruth (SironaSprings), thanks so much... win/win is exactly where I'd like to be!!!

    Sidewalk ... oh no, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anyone to feel bad about no posting - I don't walways because I don't have the time or energy or always something to say .... feel no guilt at all, I'm just happy that you enjoy the blog! Plus the post was about me appreciating what other people write and promising that I'll up my game. No guilt!

  12. Hallo! I also love to get comments! So I leave now one on your blog from austria! Oh.... there is another thing that I have to say: you have a wonderful blog, I like it very much!
    Many greatings from Austria, Tascha!

  13. Hey Tascha! Great to see you - my sister lives in Austria too, in Salzburg. I've been over and it's just a stunning country - lucky you!!! And thank you for the lovely comments.. I'm going to check out if you have a blog now and follow that!!! Happy Monday from a sunny Ireland! x

  14. Hi Celine,
    I love reading your blog also. I have tried to write comments before but it didn´t work somehow, hopefully this works out now :-) I also have soap from you and I absolutly adore it. It will be definitly not the last soap I will order from you. And if I might I would like to put your soap on my blog. It´s quite new but one has to start somewhere... You do great work with your soaps, keep it up!
    Love, Angela

  15. Hi Angela!!! Thanks so much for the lovely comment and I'm SO glad you like the soaps too - when I make them, it feels a little like they're my babies and when I show them, I am so hoping that everyone loves them too ... so when someone says "I absolutely adore it" well... that makes me feel like some proud Soapy Momma!! I'd absolutely love if you'd like to feature my soap, if you need any info, email me at info{at} and I'll be more than happy to help!

    Ohhh and I hope nobody thought I was having a go at them about my post... it was about me and me making a bigger effort than previously; sometimes I need to kick myself up the bum LOL

  16. Hi, Just stumbled upon your blog. Can't wait to read more of your post.


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