Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Tube Haul Review!

The ever lovely (and, I'm sure, ever fragrant due to his own soap making adventures) Mike from Mikemakessoap on You Tube and My Planet Earth Soap Company did a haul review video of the soaps!

It's kind of odd to see something that I made in my home in Ireland, in his home in Canada ... odd but VERY good indeed.  This made me so proud and me, Malky and Titch watched it all together and we were grinning from ear to ear.  Mike is so funny and so lovely and we gave him a big cheer at the end.

My style has changed somewhat since these and the labels have definitely changed since I got my new logo but the soaps are just as good (if not better!).

Oh and you'll see why the Castille soap, Fiore Rustico, is called Rustic ... it's very rustic looking in the video.  And, when you get to it, he means Water Lily... you'll see!

I thought you might like to see his video.

Make sure to check out his Facebook page and his You Tube channel too - he'll be opening his own store very soon and I'm dying to have a look see!!

Thank you so much Mike!! We love ya! xx


  1. That's fantastic Celine, what a great review xx

  2. Mike is so right, your soaps are so beautiful! I love to watch you cut your soaps on your videos, I feel like I'm right there in your kitchen with you! I sometimes have an out loud verbal converstion with you even though you can't hear it!Your soaps are so uniquely you, that it would be easy to pick yours out of many others. Love to see your work!

  3. Not odd at all. Your soaps are amazing and unique. Thoroughly well deserved, I would say.

  4. Beautiful soaps as always, Celine. :)
    Mike did a great review!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    xo AYU


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