Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friendship Soap Party - Intrigue

You might have read on some soaping blogs about a Friendship Soap Party that's being held - 9 of us, from Ireland, Spain, the US and Canada, got together and decided to make soap for each other.  We found out a lot about each other by telling our stories .. most especially what we liked most about soaps, what our preferences were etc.

So, my hubby (you know, the movie star) and Titch and I made a video of hubs picking out the names of who makes soap for who (yeah, I know, that should be whom but that makes me sound like an English school marm!).  Here's the video if you'd like to see ... as ever, hubs is nuts!

So, I got to make soap for Emily Shieh of Shieh Design Studio who set me a challenge:

1 - make a soap with one additional natural ingredient, over and above my usual silk
2 - use a combination of colours that I've not used together before
3 - use a new technique

Well, that's a challenge and a half, for sure!

So I decided to:

1 - out challenge Emily and use both goatsmilk AND aloe vera juice
2 - use purple and gold together .. colours I've used seperately but not at the same time
3 - try out a hanger swirl, no idea what I was doing but hey ho, I'll always meet a challenge
4 - I fragranced the soap with my own blend of Geranium, Lavender & Patchouli and decided to call it Intrigue

Here's the soap making video:

Titch from helped me out, as you can hear!

And here's the cutting video:

And here are the final photos ... Emily, this is for you!! xx

Still Photography courtesy of Ger Holland,

Hope you've enjoyed the Friendship Soap Party and hope you love Intrigue.  If you would like to order, these will be available online (8 bars only) from early March.  


  1. Oh GOODness these are so beautiful. The recipe and essential oil blend sound amazing too. I bet Emily will love it. I mean, she will love it. But if she doesn't you can send it to me instead. Just an FYI.

    1. Oh no no no, no touch! LOL They are MINE!!! You stand no chance, Dennise!

  2. Gorgeous soap ~ really beautiful colours and swirls. Did you enjoy using the hanger?

    1. I loved using it ... I had NO idea really what I was doing and just thought about what it might look like inside and went with it. That's one thing I love about soaping... just taking the challenge and running with it. I'm so glad the purple popped out more, I was afraid it'd stay a murky purple.

  3. Aren't friendship swaps fun?!?! Your soap for Emily is so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much Holly, I am so enjoying all these soaps!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle and keep an eye out for a new blog post, hopefully tomorrow cos I got a package from Canada!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  5. So pretty!! They have almost a little bit of a "houndstooth" check design.

  6. Love how you put the whole thing together. Final soaps are truly a work of art!

    1. I thought, seeing as I hadn't posted any of the videos etc, that I might as well tell the whole story, beginning, middle and end all in one go!

  7. Your soap is really nice, and the result of those 2 colours is amazing. And such a nice swirl( OMG, I will have to learn this technique better. Regarding the smell: sweet and adorable( I am also devoted fan of Patchouli). So congratulations,Celine!!!

  8. Now I took the timeto wacht your video: a nice tutorial, very clear , thank you Celine. I will have to try this swirl also ,but no idea where to find that hanger. And how can you work without using gloves? thx


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