Saturday, February 25, 2012

Product Body - Competition Prize and a HUGE Thanks!!

A while back, Jo from Product Body, ran a competition to win some of her bath steeps and soaps of your choice ... well I joined in (of course, I've always wanted to try out Jo's soaps) and she ran the competition and, oh no, someone else won.  Oh well.

But...!!! They never contacted Jo (silly creature!) and Jo ran the entrants again and I won!! Yay! I was SO happy, I had had a terrible day and, honestly, winning the competition was just perfect.  Jo sent on the prizes as soon as she could (there was a delay for which she apologised profusely [no need as I kept telling her] and often) and I received it the other day.  I opened it greedily and Oh. My. God! Divine!!!

I managed to do the video report today ... Jo, I hope you like it. I'm a HUGE fan and what soaps, what bath steep, what amazing products.  Check out the video (Titch was videoing).

You can check out Jo's work at, read her blog at or catch up with her on Facebook at  You will not be disappointed!!!

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  1. Oh wow! I have a feeling you were meant to have this prize! Such fabulous goodies!! Good for you!


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