Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cut Soaps - New Photos

I am SO very lucky to have my very own soapographer in house! Soapographer? That's a soap photographer, see?! Titch took over taking photos of my soaps last Summer and I'm so glad she did, one less job for me and what a joy to find a talent so close to home (well, at home in fact!).

So I've noticed that I've posted a lot of videos of cut soaps but not the final images so here is a catch up of soaps I've made recently.  Not all are on the site yet as they're still curing but I'll note where they are on site as we go along.  Ready??? Let's go.....

Lime Basil Mandarin
(available from 27 February)

Asian Pear & Lily
(available from 5 March)

 Paradise Found
(available from 12 March)

(available from 19 March)

Buttered Maple Pecan
(available from 26 March)

Perfect Storm
(available from 26 March)

(available from 26 March)

That's all for now... but, of course, I'm planning more... hope you enjoy everything! Make sure to check them out online at and check out the curing dates above.

All images courtesy of Titch Holland, - thanks so much hon!!! 


  1. I just love all of the colors! Very beautiful soaps Celine!

  2. Beautiful soaps, Celine! The photos are fantastic!

  3. Oh yes, WOW!!!
    Love them all...

  4. Soapographer... I love that word! XD Absolutely adore the vibrant colors for the Asian Pear and Lily soap! Your soaps look so stunning all together, Celine. Titch takes some amazing photos. I wish I could take gorgeous pictures like that! :)

  5. OMG, the swirl of Buttered Maple Pecan is fabulous.
    I am speechless:).

  6. Soap porn at its finest Celine!!! <3

  7. Pretty, Butter Maple Pecan has a really pretty swirl.

    I added another comment to the post below (re the Two Blooms Design Studio video) but it's not showing up.
    Decided to delete the old one and post another one.



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