Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soap Swap - Two Blooms Design Studio

I was delighted a while back to receive an email from Michelle from Two Blooms Design Studio who asked if I'd be interested in doing a swap with her.  I've been reading her blog and following her on Facebook for a while now so I said YES PLEASE!!! So we agreed to swap two soaps, some soap samples, a body butter and a lip balm.  She went one better and added in some of her foaming bath salts too.

I got them in the post last Friday I think but was only able to make the video about them last night and then ran out of time to put the video together fully.  But it was the first thing I did after I got home from work this evening and here it is!

Love everything you make Michelle, a very high quality product and I was so honoured to swap with you.  I can only hope you're as happy with my soaps and other things as I was with yours.  Thank you SO much again xx


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  2. Celine,

    Had to add something so decided to delete and start again.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful video of my products. Our whole family gathered around to watch it. We loved hearing your accent. Thanks to Titch for the video and side commentary. Love hearing you say you are chuffed. You are right we don't know much about geography in Ireland either. How wonderful my lip balm doesn't irritate your lips. Sorry about the tin getting damaged in transit (those containers are eco friendly but not immune to dents unfortunately).

    Yes, so enjoying your products as well and running out of hot water staying in the shower so long. Will review next week after our big show is behind me. So glad we did this. You are the first in soap blog land to try our products.

    Michelle and Caron

  3. I had a comment then deleted it as I wanted to add to it but it never showed up. Thanks so much for the great review, we love it when you say chuffed. We are loving your goodies too. Very Merry is divine.



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