Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laundry Day - Cut Pictures

Well, you've seen the picture and small video of the making of this, the cutting video and now, here are the cut pictures.  This is the most photographed soap I've ever made... a total movie star!

Laundry Day - a clean, fresh, comforting fragrance that reminds me of freshly washed laundry blowing in a summer's breeze or the fragrance when you snuggle up into a freshly changed bed.  I love it, it's soft and clean and just wonderful.

Hope you like the pics!

If you're interested in pre-ordering one of these, just drop me a line at - they'll be fully cured by 5 October. 

All images copyright @ Soaperstar and Taken By Titch, 2011. 


  1. I love the also blue bathroom sign behind your soap! They go together very well, don't you think?

  2. I love that sign.. I picked it up in a very expensive sotre but it was actually quite cheap! One of those happy bargains that happen at times.

  3. I love this blue soap...sea, wonderful!

  4. OMG these turned out soooo gorgeous! I really enjoyed watching your progress. Well done! =)

  5. Cool !!! It's a wonderful soap and the colours are perfect !1 Congratulations !!!

  6. Hi, I'm a new fan. The soap looks so beautiful. Back to the blog you made this soap, you put the soap into fridge after filling the mold. It's true the soap should be insulated for 1 day? What's the purpose to put it into fridge? Would the saponifying be effected? Bear with my curious questions ;0)

  7. Hi, very gorgeous soap. Back to the day you made this soap, you mentioned the soap was put into the fridge after filling the mold. Normally CP soap takes 1 day being insulated to finish the saponification. What is the reason you put it in the fridge? Would it effect the saponification & soap quality? Please bear with me if the question sounds silly.... :0)

  8. Celine,

    I finally realized who you were as I found an old post about your glycerine soaps. All of the sudden I knew I'd seen you on soap forums etc. but hadn't made the connection till now. Then I remember you were closing down. How did you decide to just do cold process soaps and not glycerin anymore? I do both and have been selling for 9 years and started with glycerin and then learned cold process a few years later.


  9. Thanks so much to everyone for your lovely comments - you are lovely lovely people! So glad that you like this... oddly I'm not a big fan of blue as a colour but this one, I like!!!

    Joy -- hey there and welcome. I prefer a non-gelled soap, it's a personal preference for me. So, to avoid gel, I put it in the fridge (still in the mould) overnight. This does slow down the saponification process but, as long as you have the correct balance of ingredients, your soap is going to saponify either way. If you want to insulate it and gel it, that's fine.. lots of people do. I just prefer the non gel method so I fridge it (in a fridge specially for this purpose) for 24 hours, take it out and unpeel the lining paper and leave it out for another 24 hours and then cut it. I cannot say that it affects the quality as that's to say that gelling is better or worse - it's not, it's just different. The soap quality is determined by the ingredients and proportions and blend you choose, not by gelling or non-gelling. Hope that explains things!

    Michelle - yep I used to go the glycerine soaps (look at way back on this blog and you'll see); I stopped doing them as I felt I'd reached a point where it didn't challenge me creatively enough - which is why I felt the need to close down. Actually, as it turned out, it wasn't that I needed to do that ... what I needed was find something that did challenge me and CP was that thing. Glycerine soaps are lovely and amazing things can be done with them but they don't do that thing that you get when you're getting a real buzz from creating something - just not for me anymore. I still love looking at images of them but I prefer to make CP now. Even have made some HP but still, CP gives me that excited feeling. I guess cos it has more variables and you get to manage more things ... more of a challenge. Plus, I'm loving the swirling!!!

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I just love love love to read them xx

  10. Celine,

    Thanks so much for the reply. That makes sense that is wasn't challenging enough. When I discovered HP and CP I started doing less glycerin but still keep in my lineup because it's so fast and immediate.

    I meant to also say that this soap is really pretty. Blues are one of my favourite colours.


  11. Thank you so much for the advise, Celine. you now have me among one of your loyal followers :)

    Jessie from Joy Soapworks


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