Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fig & Brown Sugar

As promised, I've managed to take photos of my four new batches... the sun hasn't been behaving itself at all lately but I think I managed to find a few minutes to go and take some photos. 

This first one is Fig & Brown Sugar and, as I described it in my last blog post, it is ...

"Sweet Almond and Golden Olive Oil with tons of Cocoa Butter, pure silk, Coconut Milk and lots of Manuka Honey are all blended to make my first seasonal soap; the soap is coloured with lots of glistening mica and, if you move it carefully in the light, you can see it shine! Fragranced with a blend of fresh ripe figs, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, jasmine, and drizzled with caramel, maple sugar & musk, it's a not too sweet, very grown up sexy fragrance and is a perfect alternative to the traditional Christmas scents (yes, I did say Christmas!)"

And here are the pictures... enjoy!!

This one will be fully cured on 16 September!


  1. Very nice! It's beautiful...I've had a bottle of that f.o. for a long time. I'm inspired to try it now!

  2. Oooo, so pretty! You are rockin the spoon swirl!!

  3. Thanks so much everyone! I really enjoyed making this soap... the pics don't show it, but if you catch the light just right, you can actually see the glisten on the soap!

  4. How much time for the swirl Celine ? Shall I block out the evening or the whole week ? It looks gorgeous so must take time. But I am willing (Maybe not able)

  5. sehr fein, der Duft ist sooooo lecker!

    liebe Grüße

  6. Donna, I make pretty small batches of 1100g oil weight and that would take me about 30 minutes or so. It depends on how quickly the batter traces really... willing is good! Try it out and show pics!!!


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