Friday, August 5, 2011

Water Lily Handmade Artisan Silk Soap

I've had this fragrance oil for a month or so and I hadn't decided yet what to do with it.. I had initially thought I'd do a soap based more on it's aquatic side of the fragrance but the floral blend in it is so lovely that I had to include that.

So, I decided to do both! On a base of sea green, blending the concept of both the water and the leaves, lays soft white, pink and yellow petals.. all raised up to see the sky! I top the tops on these soaps, I went crazy with the peaks.

The fragrance is a wonderful blend of fresh aquatics with a soft floral - its clean and fresh, light and yet lingering.  I think it's possibly one of my top 5 fragrances I've used this year.  And a definite keeper.

I used my usual blend of oils for this - sweet almond, golden olive and lots of cocoa butter; I didn't put in Avocado with this as I had just run out so I upped the Cocoa Butter a little; I can honestly say that its a beauty to use on your skin and the scent lingers just wonderfully well.

So, I present you... Water Lily...

These will be fully cured by early September - I really hope you like them!


  1. I like your waterlily! Wonderful colours! Claudia

  2. Celine I sooooooooooooo love your soaps! You have a fabulous gift and the colours work so well with the fragrance name! Divine Soap!

  3. I love the design on this one especially the tops. The fragrance sounds like a dream too.

    Is this a palm free one? I've been making a lot of palm free soap lately.


  4. Thanks so much everyone!

    Michelle - it does have Palm (sustainable source) and coconut also.. oh and castor too - I like what each ingredient brings to the soap alongside the other oils (SAO, OO, CB & Avocado etc)

  5. love this soap, the colours are really lovely.

  6. So beautiful! Looks like a generous size too. :)

  7. The soap is beautiful. I love hearing how the fragrance inspired you. The colors are wonderfully delicate as is the soft texture on the top of the soap.

  8. Gorgeous! it looks beautiful, I really love your colour combination, looks like a sunset over the ocean.

  9. Celine what beautiful soap! The fragrance sounds so transporting I know I'd love it too.

    The photograph is just top drawer and the Matilija Poppy is so gorgeous.


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