Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another New Video - Cutting Raspberry Mimosa

Ok, perhaps I'm enjoying this video making lark now.  I still won't show my face though... I'm shy!!!

I made a new soap on Sunday morning - I woke early and decided to make soap (what else?!).  I had a blend in mind of juicy raspberry and crisp green apple but, when we all sniffed it, we thought it was a little too sweet.  So I had thought that morning to add May Chang essential oil - this is a wonderfully sherberty lemony essential oil (possibly one of my top three) and it's worked really well.  It's cut through that sweetness and given a lovely citrusy note that has worked so well with the crisp apple and sweet juicy raspberry.  I am loving this fragrance!

I've used my usual blends of skin loving oils (sweet almond, golden olive and avocado) along with lots of cocoa butter and, of course, pure wild silk (I LOVE that .. talk about luxury!).  This was a beauty to make and a beauty to look at.  I love love love the colours too - reminds me of the best ice cream sundaes and smells like the nicest cocktail ever!

Hope you like the video - my hubby was the director and cameraman and walking comedian ... you'll see what I mean!!!

BTW I've noticed that the You Tube video doesn't show up on the subscription emails so I'm including the link here so you can just click into it -

This soap will be stocked in our online store at from 11 October onwards - as ever, if you'd like to pre-order, just drop me a line at and we'll talk!


  1. Ooooo! Sounds wonderful! Love fruity fragrances! Your hubby is too funny. He sounds like a keeper! Love that you "lost the receipt"!!

  2. Celine, it's a beautiful, beautiful soap!!!
    I am in love... :)

  3. soap looks brill, i really want a soap cutter now, it makes your soap look so smooth.

  4. Lovely, the colours match the scent so well. Love the scent combo too.

  5. A cook, clean the house and great kisser?! Where did you find this man?! I need to trade in for one like that!

  6. Great video and great soap!

    Wonderful to here Malcolm!

  7. Hi Celine.
    May Chang essential oil is one of my favorite too!! Your fragrance blend sounds so juicy and yummy! The soaps looks gorgeous too =)

  8. Your soap looks beautiful, and the scent sounds really yummy! Nice video.


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