Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marketing Consult & More Work

Sorry I've been so quiet on the soaping lately but I've been doing more work on the website - I "think" I'm nearly finished (note the inverted commas, I am sure I've to do more work!).  I do need to add a new page/feature which will be articles about various bath & body related issues... along the lines of Why should you buy homemade soap, Features of various oils etc .. I've had a lot of feedback on the ingredients page from people who say it's nice to know exactly what they're putting on their skin so this is a natural extension into why they should use the various things.

I also had a marketing consultation with Terra Williams from Cibaria Soap Supply yesterday evening so I was working til gone 1.00 am this morning, making some of the changes she and I discussed. 

Our consultation was a prize in a recent competition with them and I was really happy with the things I learnt - one of which is that I'm actually on the right road and a lot of my ideas and things I would like to do are totally on plan.  It's great to think you know what you're doing but even better when a professional marketer validates you like that!!!

So ... if you'd like to take a moment and review the site, I'd really love to hear your feedback.. check out  Thanks in advance!


  1. The website looks really good, clear and easy to navigate, everything in the picture gallery looks like i just want to eat it, the ingredient list is the best one i'v seen on any soap shop site (with the nice pictures). There is one sentence which looks like it has a miss-spelt word, its in the price section 'additional cost - please our Postage & Packing Charges page regarding these costs'...i could be wrong.

  2. Your new site looks great and I got some ideas just looking at it. I love the ingredients page and also it's great I can click on a soap and the photo enlarges. You did a great job.

  3. Thanks for the notice - I've fixed it now (and found another typo too).. you do tend to not be able to see the mistakes when you look at it for too long!!

    I have one other page to add, but I think maybe tomorrow is fine for starting that!

  4. Looking great, Celine. Love the ingredient page. So, you're staying in the soaping business after all? Have you found a way to manage it better than before when you decided to pull out?

  5. Splurge (great word!) thanks so much for the comment!

    C'Bong .... I was as busy anyway so I thought why not rebrand, get a new focus, do it more the way I want and not be apologetic for it. I've learned to say No and mean it too (like when someone says Oh that's nice but can you do it in a different colour and scent and have it ready yesterday... I say NO! I started out seeing this as artistic and I want to get back to that feeling again .. I find soaping creative and think of it as pratical art ... so it's not something that I want to churn out, like some factory worker .. I want to create something individual, unique .. I think I'd lost sight of that along the way. The time out has helped me focus. In November, I'll be moving to a new domain name too as I find the Soaperstar brand too limiting and not reflective of where I am now. And, to be honest, I was going to make the soaps anyway so I might as well sell too! LOL


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