Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lemongrass Verbena

I've teased you for far too long, I'm a horror!

I showed you a pic the other day of a green and yellow swirled soap - it was only just poured and I was waiting to cut it which I couldn't get round to doing it til this evening. 

I used to sell this fragrance in my glycerine soap and I found it to be my biggest seller - the amount of people who adore Lemongrass is huge; it is such a bright warm exotic citrus fragrance and so suitable for both men and women.

I made this soap using Golden Olive Oil, Palm Oil (from a sustainable source), Coconut Oil and Castor Oil (always, because it helps make beautiful bubbles!).  It is coloured using specially imported US micas in green and lemon and has a sprinkling of glittery mica on top.  The white is coloured using Titanium Dioxide as the olive oil I can get here is very yellow and I wanted to get a very white soap. 

As ever with all my soaps, I've added pure silk because I love the feel of it in a soap plus it adds a real luxury element.  And, to play with the Lemongrass/Thai theme, I used full fat Coconut Milk as the water portion - this was lovely to use and it adds a real creaminess to the final soap. 

I will admit I did want straighter layers but I banged the mould a lot (to try and get rid of any air bubbles) and I guess layers and banging don't make happy bedfellows!!!

So ... here is my Lemongrass Verbena - a bright, sparkling exotic citrus fragranced soap to wake up to every morning!

In the mould, just poured

A big ol' stack of soap

I love the tops of this soap

More soap!

Arty side view

A wall of Lemongrass!

More soap

So tell me what you think, I'd love to hear! If you're interested in buying this soap, it'll be fully cured by 25 April (I should warn you that 6 have been sold on pre-order already based on these pictures! Only 4 left)


  1. Looks beautiful Celine, the green and the yellow looks really lovely together. I LOVE lemon smelling soaps!

  2. Gorgeous soap! I love the addition of mica for a little extra sparkle! Also, anything lemon is perfect for spring.


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