Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Surprises & Good People

Today I received some presents - nope, it's not my birthday or any event really, other than being Friday and the start of the weekend.  But I still got pressies! I was so chuffed that I decided I'd do a blog post and show them off to everyone!

Firstly, I received a notice in the post from the Post Office to say they'd tried to deliver a package on Thursday - as our door bell hasn't worked since Jesus was a boy, this happens more often than not.  I was a little annoyed I'd missed the delivery but then thought "yay I'll get a surprise package on Friday instead".  So, hubs and I went to the Post Office before work and picked up a package addressed to me and marked "Pay It Forward".  Ohhhhhh yes! I remember, we signed up to this on Facebook in the New Year and people had the year to send out the gifts .. so this is my first one!

I got to work and unwrapped the package and, inside, there was this little egg box!

And, when you opened it, there was these fab egg bath bombs!

Aren't they adorable?!!! The fragrances are Rose Garden, Lemon & Lime, Orange and Lavender - they smell amazing and I wanted to go and have a bath there and then.  Love love love the egg shapes, love the egg box and just loved the packaging.  These are from the lovely Ren Chandler of Green Heart Gifts - check out her site as she has some really lovely products. 

Then, later in the day, a friend of mine, Sherra Murphy, that I also work with, came into the office with some pressies for my hubby and me!

The first was a handmade soap made with Beamish Stout (which, incidentally, is my hubs favourite tipple!)

I tried to do a Cocobong style bubbles on soap picture but I didn't do so well - the bottom of the soap is brown from the Beamish and the top is lightly coloured yellow fragranced with lemon.  It's a really beautiful soap, extremely smoothe and it has a really lovely, natural fragrance with a hint of lemon behind it.  Hubs has used it (as you can see!) and gave it the thumbs up!  He really loved the labels that came with the soap too, personalised for him!

She also gave me a sample of her salt bar which is just so lovely - the fragrance is eucalptus and lavender and something else I can't remember but suspect might be mint? (She did tell me, but I can't remember - d'oh!)

It's a really fresh fragrance, I can totally see this one waking you up in the mornings! I love the blue shreds in it, they really match the fragrance.

And finally, I received these fabulous soaps a week or so ago - these were made by my soapy friend Kelly Ellis who has fallen in love with glycerine soap making; she is fascintated by colour and fragrance and, like me, loves a little bit of glitter too! 

Unlike me, she can make a really damn fine bath bomb!

The soaps are Iced Lemon & Mango (yellow), Cherry Blossom (pink) and Lime (green) - she also included a sample handcream and lip balm (not pictured) which are really lovely.  For someone who has only started making her own products, she really has a flair for this and a true love that shines through.

I really wanted to say a HUGE thanks to the lovely Ren, Sherra and Kelly because you're a) really lovely people, b) so generous and c) really damn fine artists!

Thank you ladies and HAPPY FRIDAY to everyone!!!


  1. How fun to receive such lovely gifts. They all look wonderful and what a great way to start off your week-end.

  2. Isn't it just! I just loved it, and such fragrances... wow, just divine!


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