Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luxury Glycerine Soaps - Grab them Now while the Goings Good!

As I announced a while back, we're closing down the retail side of Soaperstar - this is to allow me to concentrate on other products and techniques, such as the cold and hot process soaps you've seen on here.  I'm toying with the idea of setting up some simple site to allow people to buy these new soaps through as people seem to really love them (the Lemon Cream one I made a while back is almost all gone already!).

Anyway, in the meantime, I have 12 soaps left so if you would like to purchase the last of our Soaperstar handcrafted luxury glycerine soaps, please check out our website at

The soaps we have left are:

Mister Blue Genes - with added Golden Jojoba Oil, fragranced with a stunning blend of apple and mandarin, within a heart of exotic jasmine and violet, ending on a deep musk base - the fragrance is has fresh notes from the fruit, a mild floral heart followed within a deep musky base; coloured with the deepest blue mica to create lustrous blue swirls mingling with black and white swirls.

Chritmas Glisten luxury handcrafted goatsmilk & glycerine soap with added Shea Butter & our Ecocert skin conditioner, will leave your skin wonderfully clean, soft and beautifully fragranced; coloured using natural mica, this soap softly glistens. The fragrance: is a cosy blend of festive fruits, wine and sweet warm spices. It is a beautiful blend, softly spiced with a warm fruity background, that leaves your skin beautifully fragranced.

Orange Blush - added Apricot Kernel Oil, fragranced with a fresh cologne, blending perfumed bergamot and sweet orange blossom with delicate cottony florals on a base of precious powdery musks; coloured using stunning bronzed swirls created using a blend of orangey bronze coloured natural mica alongside bright orange and white goatsmilk swirls.

Pineapple Beach - added pure Organic Coconut Oil, this is fragranced with a delicious, fresh, sweet & juicy pineapple scent; coloured using a blend of two different natural glistening micas

Grab them now cos when they're gone, they're gone!!!


  1. So sad that you're closing down the retail part of Soaperstar! But I really do think that you will enjoy being able to experiment with new techniques. I'm sure this will be a great learning time for you enjoy and have fun =)

  2. LOL Dennise, people must be listening as I got orders overnight!

    Anne-Marie - I'm working on another idea I think that'll be a better fit for me, it's getting there but I'm taking it slowly .. seeing how it goes and all that!


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