Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Articles

I just started a new Articles page on my website and I thought you might like to hop over and give it a look - the first (and only one, for now) article is called "Why Buy Handmade Soap" and it's gotten some great interest on our Facebook Page.

Check out a taster... "Why Buy Handmade Soap?  It's a good question - why should you pay €5 for a bar of soap when you can go to the nearest Lidl or Euro Store and buy 10 bars of their cheap soap for that price? 

Ask yourself "How well do I value my skin?". Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? In an adult, it covers 3,000 square inches and without it, the body cannot survive. So, I bet you value your skin now that I told you that?!" Read more ...

I'm hoping to do more articles on the questions people often ask me about oil properties, how handmade soap is actually made, what's the difference between essential and fragrance oils ... it's a great excuse for me to research too! Hope you enjoy it!

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