Thursday, April 7, 2011

My new cutter, as promised

I promised to show you pics of my new cutter and I'm not one to want to let you down ... so here you go!

This is the soap cutter with soap loaf in situ (the Fresh Orange from the blog post on Tuesday)

Soap loaf being placed carefully to ensure the maximum number of slices

The wires on the cutter cutting through the soap loaf

Cut slices

I imported this from the US and I'm so happy with it; it saved me a huge amount of time last night in cutting (and hassle and annoyance and shouting and throwing things around the room, tears, snot, medicinal chocolate afterwards etc... you soapers out there know EXACTLY what I mean!!!). 

I believe the slightly crumbly edges come from me having left the soap one day too long before cutting ... I made a hot process soap today so I'll cut tomorrow and see if it crumbles too. 

I love this cutter - I would bring it to bed with me and cuddle it but hubs would complain. 


  1. Hey, new follower from the soap bar review! Feel free to cuddle with your new cutter! Looks like it performs really well and it probably thinks it deserves some snugglin' gratitude! I will be around!

  2. i'v been dying to buy one also, i saw one on ETSY which i really liked but i'm gonna try to hold on for a little while longer

  3. Oh the cutter looks great and I'm sure it saves a lot of time. I have a cutter from Soaphutch and may get one like this one day but I do M&P and CP so wanted a cutter that did both.

    Thanks for posting it.

  4. Hi Jerry and thanks for the follow! Happy to have you along on this soapying journey!

    Glad everyone loves the cutter, I have to say it's a dream (but I think I need to cut HP a little sooner than 24 hours as it seemed a little too hard on the wires. It is a BIG decision what cutter to buy as they're all big money but a friend was getting one from the US and she organised everything and it made total sense to split the delivery costs. Otherwise I'd have held out a little longer I think.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments xxx

  5. Great o hear how good your cutter is Celine, I just have to get one now! Oh, and the soap looks fab too.

  6. That is a nice cutter! Can you believe that I usually wait only 12-15 hours to cut but yesterday I poured a soap at 9 am and unmolded and cut only 10 hours later? I love that! Made it so much more fun when making designs. Far less waiting time for the big surprises...


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