Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ohhhh Review!

The ultra hip and very knowledgeable Joanna from The Soap Bar has reviewed one of my soaps!  Eeekkkk.. panic stations, what's she going to say? Does she hate it or love it (hint - loves it!); she did wonder about the spicy scent of it and thought it was very vaguely akin to curry.. hmmmm, ok, not too sure where that comes from but all I can imagine is that, because I used Turkish Honey rather than regular Irish honey, it's a far spicier fragrance and a much darker colour.  So perhaps that spicy note she was getting? No matter, turns out she loved the bar and wants to try my Cream Bee too. 

Oh and I should note that the size is slightly smaller than the new bars; I was trying out a new mould and didn't get the proportions of oils enough for the size of mould, hence the smaller sized bar. 

Thanks Joanna, love your blog and love your review!! Want to read it in full... here ya go!  And if you'd like to treat yourself to one, then just check out our Online Store

1 comment:

  1. yes, it did NOT smell like curry once it got wet! It was lovely, Celine. Thank you...


    ultra hip? I'll take that compliment ANY day of the week! HA!


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