Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring has Sprung ... Hawaiian Blossom is here!

The sun is shining and the evenings are getting longer - yes, I still have to scrape the ice off the car windscreen every morning before I go anywhere but still, the sun is shining! We have sun! It does exist after all!!! So, in celebration of the fantastic feeling of Spring in the air, I made a fabulous new soap - bright yellow sunshine with a fantastic glisten of natural mica!

We have taken the purest, highest quality goatsmilk and clear glycerine soaps (which are natural humectants - they attract moisture from the air into your skin) and added exotic Mango Butter which is rich in beta carotene and Vitamins A & E. It is highly moisturising and has excellent softening and regenerative properties, with the added bonus that it is thought be protective against UV rays. It is claimed that mango butter can help to reduce the degeneration of the skin’s cells and help to restore elasticity, so would make an excellent ingredient in products for mature skins.

To this we have added our special additional skin hydrating element which provides your skin with increased hydration and provies excellent moisturisation.

Hawaiian Blossom soap is wonderfully fragranced with the sweet exotic tropical fragrance of frangipani - this flower can be found in areas of Asia and is native to Hawaii is a stunningly beautiful white and yellow flower, with a beautiful floral fragrance. Reflecting the natural yellow and white of the Frangipani flower, we have coloured this luxury soap with tones of yellow glycerine and white goatsmilk soaps - we've also added natural mica to give a glittery sheen, reminiscent of the sun shining on moisture drops on the flowers.

This is really a luxury soap - perfect for all skin types, deeply moisturising with added ingredients to treat your skin to the quality it deserves, wonderfully coloured and deeply fragranced with an exotic floral scent .. a perfect gift to anyone you love.

If you'd like to purchase this fabulous new soap, click here to go direct to our online store!

Hawaiian Blossom handcrafted luxury goatsmilk & glycerine soap - from Soaperstar


  1. So refreshing and could even protect you from the sun! Fabulous stuff soapy x

  2. I looooove the colour! Makes me feel good just looking at it!

    Seriously loving the new layout & look. Very good!!


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