Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh well... it's the taking part that counts right?

Well.  Sad news.  The finalists for the Irish Blog Awards were announced on Friday night - I didn't make it! I know! Crazy or what? Anyway, given this blog is relatively new and it's mostly about soap, I guess it doesn't fall too much into the sphere of what you'd imagine the normal run of the mill person to read.  But, hey, I'm back up on the bike and gonna try again for next year!

Actually, I was VERY happy to get to Round 2 at all ... and it really is the taking part that counts... if you don't put yourself forward for things, you'll never get anywhere.  So what I didn't win? I didn't have a fancy schmancy dress anyway and I can't wear high heels to save my life! And God knows I could drop a few pounds too!

So, the plan for next year is 1) get nominated again .. several times this time, 2) get them to spell my blog name properly (the link never worked, annoying), 3) get into Round 2,  4) get on the finalists list and 5) eventual world domination.

Yeah, good plan, great work for a Sunday... now I'm starving!!

(Drop a few pounds, who am I kidding??!!)

Handcrafted luxury goatsmilk & glycerine soap from Soaperstar - all made in Dublin, Ireland

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  1. Celine, do not be discouraged, be optimistic and keep trying, but good and be a finalist this very well so as to winning next year.


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