Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Special Offer from Soaperstar

Our previous monthly special offers have been very successful and I wanted to continue with them for March - so I want to introduce our new special offer. 

Introducing our new organza gift bags - in our signature purple, these beautiful organza bags are absolutely perfect as gift wrapping for one of our Soaperstar soaps.  I've shown some examples in the picture to the left - I think they look really excellent.

The price of these bags will be 75 cent each but, as a special offer to our customers, we'll be offering these at a reduced price of 50 cent per bag for the month of March! That represents a 33% reduction in price from the regular retail price. 

These would look really excellent for any gifts - with Mothers Day coming up in the EU (14 March everyone, have you got your pressies ready??), they'd be fantastic as gift wrapping - they also really add to the luxury element of our handcrafted soaps - anyone would be delighted to recieve one of these!

If you're interested in purchasing, please check out our site at - enjoy!! Don't forget to buy in time for Mothers Day!

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