Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking

I attended a training course today and the key concept behind it was the power of positive thought ... I had some thoughts about it on the train home. 

We all have days where we get up in the morning and think "oh no, not another day - isn't it Friday yet already?".  But how often do we think that? Once, twice a week? More? I wonder how much that negative thought affects the rest of the day - seems to make sense that, if you start the day with a negative thought, surely the rest could go downhill after that.  How about thinking "ok, another day to wake up and do lots of things, meet people, laugh, hug my husband, love life"... it's probably a bit too touchy-feely for lots of us to accept but I'm interested in trying to adjust my thinking to see how much that positivity affects my daily life. 

The theory goes that thinking positively builds confidence, improves your attitude to life, helps you cope better with the stresses and strains we encounter everyday and helps you to visualise positive outcomes - which is supposed to help you achieve your goals. 

I think I'm a pretty positive person all in all but there's always room for improvement for us all! So I'm going to work on this .... think more positively, see the good side of things more, find the silver lining! I find my soaping a hugely positive project in my life - the creativity helps me release tensions and strains and the mental thought process of designing new products really challenges me and gets those synapses sparking! Working on increasing my positive thought can only help me more.  Why not join me in this ... see how it works for you. 


  1. Without realising it, I was thinking about this too yesterday. It is a case of teaching ourselves to see the glass as half full, rather than half empty.
    A good post Celine! A lot of food for thought.
    Thank you.
    Carmen xxx

  2. I actually just read a book titled, "The Objective is Happiness" by Thomas Wakefield, which is about this very subject...very motivational! I am fully on board with ya. Starting tomorrow I am going to look at the world in a different light!

  3. I totally agree Carmen, sometimes its very hard to see a half full glass but I think if we train ourselves, we'll get there!

    Becky, sounds like sounds like a great book, I might very well check it out.

    I have to say I need to be a little more successful with all this but try, try again is my motto!


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