Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well I used my Ginger Souffle Body Butter this morning after my shower (when I used my honey, oatmeal and chocolate soap), and it was lovely!! The scent is very nice and mellows out really well on your skin. I love that clothes/skin feel - by that I mean like when you've had a bath and moisturise and then get between clean, cool sheets... know that feeling? Well this BB gives a great clothes/skin feel when you dress afterwards. I'll keep using it and see how my skin reacts to it over time - first go is never a real indicator.

The lotion is really nice but more a body milk really than a facial moisturiser (not that I set out to make a facial moisturiser to be honest!) - leaves a really nice powdery feel to your skin.

And today I bought some Chamomile Essential Oil (EO) which I'll use towards a facial moisturiser. I think that'll need more work in order to choose the correct oils/butters that suit my skin.

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