Friday, June 26, 2009

My first commission!

Evening everyone!

Firstly, can I have a YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!!???!!! I so love the weekend because that's when I get to play with my soaps and creams which makes me very happy.

I've been given my first commission - I've been asked to make a cream for an eldery person who has very thin, dry skin - so I'll be working on that tomorrow. I'm thinking jojoba oil anyway, possibly olive squalane, maybe shea butter also... no scent as I don't want to aggravate his sensitive skin. I was thinking of making a body butter but I think a softer cream may be easier to apply, I don't want a drag effect either.

As I'm not yet safety assessed for creams & lotions, I won't be charging and will just look at this as an opportunity to help someone else out... my weekend karma I suppose you could call it :)

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