Sunday, July 22, 2012

Serenity Pure Essential Soap

I fancied making something pink coloured but, again, using only natural colours and my first choice was, of course, pink clay.  Now, there does seem to be some differences in pink clays you get from different suppliers - not too sure why - but they do provide slightly different pink colours.

The concept for Serenity came from the essential oil blend that I developed comprises 5 Fold Orange, Bourbon Geranium, lemony May Chang (or Litsea as it's also called), deep dark Indonesian Patchouli and one of my utter favourite, exotic floral Ylang Ylang.  The name came from this blend and then the design for the soap came after.  Of course, the goodies in the soap came first - as they rightly should, after all, we buy soap to use on our skin, not just to sit and stare at all day! I hate when people say "it's too good to use" .. no way, all my soaps are made for your skin first, for design second! Anyway, the skin goodies include Aloe Vera, organic Green Yogurt, Goatsmilk, Coconut Milk, Sweet Almond & Golden Olive oils, tons of creamy Cocoa Butter, white, pastel pink and pale pink clay, cocoa powder and it's all topped with dried rose petals.  I have to tell you that this is going to be a stunner to use and a stunner to look at!!!

Here is the Making Of video:

And then the Cutting video:

And, finally, some still photography from Titch at - she's an incredible naturally talented photographer.

I really hope you like Serenity - she is one of my favourites so far and a joy to make and to smell!! If you'd like to purchase one, check out the link at



  1. Gorgeous, Celine! Love the layers, pencil lines, and petals on top. The scent sounds amazing!

  2. These are very special Celine. So delicate. so feminine without being over the top. I too love playing with pink (and red) clays even though results are never exactly the same. You are such a master of your craft. PS. I'll be visiting Dublin just after Christmas. Can't wait to be in Ireland again!

  3. This bar is pure amazement! Looks very luxorious!


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