Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adam + Eve - New Design

In keeping with the restocking/redesign theme we started with Peony Sorbet, I had to do a remake of our Adam + Eve Pure Silk Soap.  This is, again, one of our top sellers because the scent is just so lovely and the black and white design is always a classic favourite.  However, there's classic and there's oh I've seen that a hundred times before and I wanted this classic to be a WOW classic, if you see what I mean.

The soap is made with Sweet Almond & Golden Olive Oils with lashings of creamy Cocoa Butter but not just that, it also has Aloe Vera, Buttermilk, Goatsmilk & Coconut Milk along with White Clay and Colloidal Oatmeal.  It's fragranced with Vanilla Anise - this fragrance is described as blending the incredible fragrance of Madagascan Orchid Vanilla with the spicy accent of anise and the warmth of vetiver, amber and clove, creates an unexpected, modern story of vanilla.  It is truly a divinely deep scent and one loved by both men and women.

I coloured the black part of the soap using Midnight Black Clay & Activated Charcoal which are both extremely good for the skin in terms of cleansing and removing excess oils.

So, challenging myself to the hanger swirl again (and a great opportunity to see it done again if you're a little nervous about trying it), I remade Adam + Eve and you can see the Making Of video here:

And you can see the reveal when we do the Cutting video here:

Here are the stills photos taken, as always, by our favourite photographer, Titch Holland from (make sure to check out her page!).. hope you like them:

The soap will be fully cured by 20 August and should be on the site just shortly before then for ordering.  Hope you enjoy the photos and videos!!!


  1. Fabulous soap! Loved the tutorial. I had planned to do the same type thing with chocolate and vanilla fragrances - Yin Yang. I planned to use TD with the vanilla portion. However, I'm worried that the colors will blend.

  2. Hi Celine. Great ingredients and what a stunnign soap! You have inspired me with your pics and video to try the hanger technique this weekend! Thanks ;)

  3. Wow, the pics are really stunning, Celine!


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