Thursday, May 3, 2012

Orange Pippin Nectar - Pure Beer Soap

So, four down, two to go in the six pack of Pure Beer soaps.

The penultimate soap is called Orange Pippin Nectar.  Made from Kilkenny beer which is a reddish colour pale creamy beer, I instantly thought of a fragrance blend of oranges and apples.  I then needed to find something that'd tie them together and thought of the warm colour of the beer and what would warm both fragrances and immediately thought of ginger and cinnamon.  I thought how would this work with the beer and what would I call the soap, and I came up with Orange Pippin Nectar ... there is a type of apple called a Cox's Orange Pippin, the pippin in the name would illustrate my apple note, the word orange worked with the 5 fold orange essential oil I used plus the name was just damn cute too!

I had recently ordered some new clays I'd not worked with before and when I saw the Australian Red Reef clay, I just knew I had to use it! What a luxurious colour it is and boy, does a little go a long way! I added my usual white clay as it's soooo good for all skin types and colloidal oatmeal as it's so soothing and has so many skin loving qualities.  Of course, I used my favourite silk because it really adds a smoothness and luxuriousness to the final soap.

I am very very happy with this soap... my little tester bar produced a massive amount of lather and that was from a freshly made soap, imagine what it'll be like when it's fully cured.

The soap is available for pre-order right now on and will be fully cured on 11 June.

Huge thanks, yet again, to Titch for her fabulous photos - make sure to check out her Facebook page at


  1. What beautiful contrast! I love the color. What's on the top?

  2. Nice, I like the white against the red colour.


  3. Stunning soap!! I love the white!!

  4. Now thats one lovely soap Celine, Love the red! seem to be changing my love for blue soaps to red lately (think its coz Ive made a few blue ones recently). I would love a try of that.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I bet it smells divine. :)

  6. PS - Nice job getting such a strong white when using beer. It's always an Achilles heel for me (the brown with beer).


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