Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Auburn Nectar - Irish Beer Handmade Soap

Auburn Nectar - I had a beautiful red tinged beer all ready and waiting to be turned into soap and the word "auburn" ran through my mind.  So she had to be made, my Auburn Nectar.

So what do you fragrance "auburn" with? It was easy, let your mind go free and see what happens... what happened was an infusion of mystical Amber, sensual Sandalwood & deep, dark Vetiver... and, oh my, how good does she smell? Very, very good is the answer.

Along with the sparkling Irish Wheat beer, I've used Kaolin Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal & Pure Silk... this is just one pretty auburn baby!

The soap is available on Pre-Order from and will be fully cured by 4 June.

Huge thanks, as ever, to Titch from for her photos (make sure to like her page!)



  1. beautiful auburn and swirling...classy! :)

  2. That is absolutely beautiful. So striking! I'm wishing for smell-o-blog right about now :).


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