Monday, May 21, 2012

Kokomo Joe - Pure Essential Soap

Here is another of my Pure Essential Soap collection ... this is called Kokomo Joe and it's made with Coffee infused with Coconut overnight, then liquidised and strained. Then I added in a whole fresh Banana, and Coconut milk and liquidised again.

I added the organic White Chocolate to my oils - Sweet Almond and Olive oils with Cocoa Butter and allowed everything to melt together.  To the lye water, I added my Silk, as always.  I used White Clay & Colloidal Oatmeal also because they are just stunning in soap and to them I added my fragrance of Coffee & Bourbon Vanilla CO2 extracts with a spiced background of warm Nutmeg.

As you'll see from the cut pictures, the soaps are a lovely coffee colour with lots of speckles from the vanilla pod seeds ... plus we sprinkled it with dried Coconut, just cos we could!

The soap is available for pre-order now on but order quickly cos there are only 7 left!

We made a video for the Making Of... and Cutting Of... this soap so I'm showing you those too!

Making of Kokomo Joe:

 Direct You Tube Link:

Cutting of Kokomo Joe:

Direct You Tube Link:

Cut Pictures (courtesy of Titch Holland at




  1. Yum! I'll bet this soap smells delicious.

  2. It looks fabulous and I love the sprinkled coconut on top, it makes it live up to its name, Kokomo Joe!

  3. This looks lovely, I've seen other banana soaps online and they look interesting.


  4. Banana, huh? Outstanding.
    I'm getting ready to try a carrot puree soap this weekend but now you have me thinking of bananas!!!
    *That soap is gorgeous by the way - well done, lady!*


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