Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black Magic Nectar - Final Pure Beer Soap

So, we've sadly reached the end of our six pack of beer (hic!).

Given I'm Irish, I figured it'd be almost unpatriotic of me not to make something with Guinness.  So I did! And here is Black Magic Nectar... I used the Guinness for the water portion of the soap and added tussah silk to it (of course, I couldn't soap without silk could I?).  I wanted a nice black soap with a nice white top so I basically made two soaps... the largest amount for the Guinness and the small amount I made with just water and coloured with a little titanium dioxide.

The soap is made with Dead Sea Mud, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal & Pure Silk.  It's fragranced with a smooth, woody fragrance with top notes of orange and lemon, blended with black pepper and rosemary on a base of clove, jasmine, woods, patchouli, musk and amber.  Smells fabulous! 

Well actually, why am I telling you when I can show you? I did a Making Of and a Cutting video for this soap so watch and see what I did next.....

Making Of... Video 

Cutting Of... Video  

So, here are the final images for the soap ... I am really really happy with this, it's going to be one totally incredible soap for your skin and, oh my word, does it smell SO GOOD! This is available on pre-order now if you'd like to reserve one, check out the website at Enjoy!!

Huge thanks to Titch at for her video and photography work - she's a total gem! Make sure to like her page!


  1. I love your soaps, and this photos are wonderful.

  2. All of your beer soaps have been a joy to behold. You are very talented. My first and last beer soap was a disaster. It never firmed up. I don't know how you use black without having a black shower.. lol.. I have a lot to learn still :)

  3. Absolutely stunning. A work of art. Has a granite look to it, very elegant.

  4. Celine...Such a rich, classy looking soap. Your "soap jester" in your video adds a smile to the day!

  5. Beautiful soaps! I love getting see your videos of the process, too.

  6. Gorgeous soap, Celine! Sounds like the soap is chock-full of fantastic ingredients, and the fragrance sounds amazing!

  7. Absolutely stunning! The Activated Charcoal makes an incredible black in this soap, love it!


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