Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sorry no posts - been a busy bee!

Hi everyone!! I have to say sorry for not posting here lately .. I've been so busy in work at the moment that it seems to have taken over my head!! I have been busy soaping but no pictures for you (booo... hisss!!!) because I've had some major issues with my lovely cutter.  That is to say, the cutter guide itself is fine but my blade decided to go complete wonky!! It started to bend and warp, giving me the oddest shaped soap bars! I can tell you that I was NOT a happy bunny at all.  I will admit that I cried over them.  I spend so much time designing and creating my soaps and I adore every single one of them that it upsets me if something goes wrong with them. So, when I've spent a lot of time and energy designing, creating and making soaps that I want you all to love as much as I do, you can see why I'd cry tears when, at the very last stage, it all goes mad!
So, I decided, instead of crying my eyes out like a big girl's blouse (I heard you saying it, don't deny it LOL), to fix the problem.  So I've ordered a new stainless steel cutter box with two stainless steel cutting blades - one straight smooth cutter, and one crinkle cutter.  I decided to go with a company that sells equipment specifically made for the soaper - both professional and home crafter.  I dealt with the lovely Brandy at and just received an email to say that my equipment is on the way.  So now my two new lovely soaps which are cosy in their soapy mould homes are waiting for their new cutters to arrive.  I am dying to open them up but I don't want more tears and tantrums (I didn't mention the tantrum you say? .. ooops must have forgotten that!) so I decided they can wait.  Dying to show you the pics and dying to get my equipment - so, as soon as it arrives, believe me that I'll be posting you pictures... I'm having withdrawal symptoms!!!

Sorry to have been so tardy in posting pics but photos of nice soaps are much nicer than wonky bars!!

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