Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More soaps!!!

Well my lovely Coffee Culture©soap (as mentioned in the post below) wasn't a happy bunny and decided to reject it's lovely creamy top! But, no matter, because glycerine soap allows you to re-do but, of course, I had to redesign as well.  So here is my new Coffee Culture (Mark II!) which I acutally love even more!!

I really adore the colour bands in this soap - the dark is made with lots of wonderful natural mica (a natural mineral that glistens - your own eyeshadow will be predominantly made with it).  I actually love this soap even more than the original one! However, not sure I could reproduce this look again... but I can try!!!

I also made a lovely Christmas themed soap this weekend, this is Christmas Glistens©... it has a very festive combination of sweet fruits, wine and spices and just smells so much like Christmas to me.  I choose to make it with very festive colours of red and gold too... I've also added Golden Jojoba Oil (keeping with the gold theme!) and my usual skin softening additive.  This soap was made primarily for a soap swop (or swoap) that is currently taking place on a forum I visit - I sent off my packages on Monday and I'm hoping that everyone receives them in the next few days.  The point of the swop is to have people test your products and give a full and frank review - they can say whatever they want about it! I'm rather anxious but only because I really hope they love them.  I'll post a picture here but hoping they don't see it before the packages arrive!!

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