Saturday, October 10, 2009

The making of a new Website

I have spent the whole day working on my new website .. I have never done anything like it before and decided to go for one of those "off the shelf" types that you can than customise yourself.  I wanted to be able to make something that I can manage and control myself and not just hand it over to someone else who does everything and then hands it back - I'd never learn a thing that way! So I decided to jump in with both feet and do it myself... so far it's been good fun and I even worked out how to make my own banner.  Ok, you might be saying that everyone in the world and their cat might know how to do that already but I didn't so I'm chuffed with myself!

To be honest, I never knew there was so much work in setting up a site - and it's not so much the visuals but coming up with the actual content.  I know what I want to say and what my mission is but putting it into words is a whole other ballgame.  So I'm putting it all down in plain English right now and will go back and re-read and re-edit until it says what I want it to say.  Thankfully, my products really lend themselves to some great visuals so I can count on that .. just needs to words to back it all up. 

I worked all day on it and decided to stop around 6.00 pm - I realised then that I hadn't taken a break at all, for most of the day.  Honestly, you'd think soaping was a nice easy little hobby wouldn't you?! No matter though, I'm really enjoying it and finding I really like the graphic side of things - something I didn't know about myself at all. 

I'm hoping to be open for 1 November if I can make it and will be blogging about my adventures to get to that point.. and after no doubt! Keep an eye out for our new website!!!


  1. Congrats on the new website. I know what you mean about getting lost in work. It's so easy to do - especially if you're doing a good job! =)

  2. Hello! Did you get my email to say that you won my Giveaway? If you send me your address I'll post out you prints to you asap.

    Em :)

  3. Soaperstar - GREAT JOB! -- Add "Webmaster" to your list of skills. You are a "Jane of all Trades" - Keep up the wondeful insight you give us about yourself. It's refreshing!!

  4. Thanks everyone!!!

    Anne-Marie - it's great to just get stuck in isn't it?! But tiring when holding down a full-time job too!

    Emma - emailed you, thank you so much!!!

    Hilary - Jane of all trades? I dunno.. I muddle through very well though! I'll give anything a go once!!!


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