Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Soapy Drought is over! New Soaperstar soaps!

Well the Soaperstar soaping drought is over - I got to make soaps today, the first for almost a month. I really enjoyed it; I got to use the new moulds my Dad brought back from Brazil for me (and chosen by my sister in law to be, the wonderful Sandy Cook)and I got to do some experimentation for my new Soaperstar range which I hope to be able to bring to you in November.

Firstly my experimentation - this is called Hippy Hippy Shake Shake and it's a wonderful luxury soap that brings swirls of all the bright colours reminiscent of those easier going hippy days, all wonderfully scented with the heady aromas of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Jasmine Fragrance Oil. Added Golden Jojoba Oil and Lamesoft which is a green, Ecocert, natural skin moisturising agent, will make sure your skin will drink up the luxury skinfeel ingredients. I've also added some Sparkle Gold mica, a naturally occuring mineral which glitters beautifully and really accents the colours.

The next soap I made used a fantastic mould I purchased from Australia - who can resist cupcakes? No, me either, despite being on a diet at the moment! This one has added Golden Jojoba Oil and Lamesoft and is scented with Lime Chocolate & Coconut - it smells so great and doesn't it look wonderful? I really love the swirls of icing on this mould and I cannot wait to make more like this!

Then I made a really cute knobbly bobbly soap, this one is Lime and is really zingy in fragrance but kind on the skin as I've added Golden Jojoba Oil and Lamesoft to this one too - fresh and wonderful and the knobbles act as a massage bar in the shower.

Finally, these are trio of soaps I made by special request for my Dad - they are coloured with Gold mica and Lime cosmetic glitter to give a sheen; they are fragranced with Amazonian Flowers, a fragrance oil direct from Brazil and have added oil and moisturising factor to ensure they really are a luxury soap for everyday use!

I so enjoyed making all these soaps today and I hope you enjoy reading about them... leave me a comment if you like them!


  1. That cupcake one needs to come with a "do not eat" warning because it looks so amazing!

    I love the knobbly one, great idea!

    Do the glittery ones leave a sheen on your skin too? They're beautiful!

  2. I so so want hippy hippy shake shake. Would the knobbly bobbly soap be effective on Cellulite??

  3. Thanks Susie - when I come to selling the cupcakes, they will have that warning on them! In fact all the soaps will, just in case! Not sure if there's a sheen left from the soaps - sort of hoping now as I made them for my Dad!

    Allie - you never know what may happen if you're a good girl ;) ... and the knobbly bobbly could work on cellulite - and even if it doesn't, it'll smell great and leave your skin really soft so you'll be happy one way or the other!!

  4. You are gonna eclipse Richard Branson in about a fortnight and those cupcake soaps are gonna make millions.
    Get that website up now cos I am gonna recommend your soap to every bride in the planet. You could make a killing in soap favours xxxx

  5. Wow I really love the gold mica with the cosmetic glitter (love a bit of sparkle me :))
    Can't wait to see your website up and running, you'll be handing your notice in at the college in no time!

  6. Hi Celine!! - I *love* your Hippie Hippie Shake Shake. You are my heroine with swirling. You are GOOOOOOOOOD.


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