Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Creams

On Monday night, I made some new creams:

(On top of picture) Vintage Gardenia Body Butter - this was made from Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Brazil Nut Oil and is fragranced with Vintage Garden, a softly fragrant scent - very beautiful. It's very creamy and moisturises really well, the skin feels amazing afterwards. I also took 100mls of this and took it into work to use as my own handcream.

(On the right of picture) Plumberry Cream (made with the mature skin in mind) made from Plum Kernel Oil, Cranberry Oil, Blackcurrant Oil & Raspberry Oil; all these oils are particularly good for drier and more mature skin (and it feels really great and smells wonderful as Plum Kernel Oil has a lovely almond fragrance of it's own)

(At the bottom of the picture) My Simple Scrubber Cleansing Scrub made with Castor Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil & Rice Bran Oil - it has ground peach kernels for it's scrubbing effect. No scent in this one as it's used on the face.
(On the left of the picture) Coconut Leave-in Hair Conditioner made with 100% Coconut Oil and fragranced, of course, with Coconut!!! Hubby's feedback is excellent and he's really happy with it!


  1. I fancy the vintage gardenia one..sounds heavenly xxx

  2. I can't wait till your selling these as really want to try your creams! Especially the leave in conditioner as my hair is rubbish. I'd also like to make a request for a body cream with cosmetic glitter as the one I bought from the sanctuary is running out!! ;)


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