Friday, February 11, 2011

New Soap Mould Maker - these are THE best!

I recently heard about a new soap mould maker based in Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.  His name is Karl Kehoe and he is an expert carpenter and he has just introduced the best soap moulds I've ever seen; I just had to show you them!

Check out these fabulous photos - soapies, prepare to drool!

There are two moulds in the range at the moment:

The first is 2.75" x 3" x 12" which is £45 - the second is longer for those who like to make bigger batches and is 2.75" x 3" x 18" and that is priced at £65.  I personally think that is a great price for master carpenter make soap moulds that will last your soaping lifetime! P+P will be charged at cost.

As a special offer for February only, the 12" size is £40 and the 18" size is £60 so save money and get your orders in soon!

Each of the moulds features drop down hinged sides which make it really easy to take your finished soap log out.  They are made from solid mahogany and the lid is included in the price (perfect for those who love to gel their soaps!).  The moulds have rod and wing nut fastenings also.

There will be new styles and designs added to the range soon so keep an eye out - if you are interested, check out Karl's Facebook Group or drop him an email at if you have any queries. 

Join the queue people, I'm thinking of treating myself to one of these!


  1. Awesome! My hubby made molds for me where the long sides come off, but the ends stay put. They work pretty slick!


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