Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ButterBee Silk

I asked the question on Facebook the other if people liked the sound of a Buttermilk & Honey combo in a soap and the resounding answer was YES! So, always one to listen, I made one today!

The soap is made with lots of Sweet Almond Oil plus some very fragrant Cocoa Butter (it naturally smells really like chocolate).  I've used fresh Buttermilk as the liquid portion of the soap and added pure silk (if you're a regular reader, you'll know my love of silk in soaps) plus lashings of pure golden honey (actually Turkish honey that we brought back with us from our holidays there this summer).  The buttermilk contains lots of vitamins & minerals and is excellent for very sensitive skin and honey is a natural humectant (it draws moisture into your skin) plus has antibacterial properties and is extremely caring for all skin types. 

It has no added fragrance or colour - the current colour comes from the honey itself; it's designed to be extra caring for sensitive skin and will be perfect for those who prefer not to use a fragranced soap or who have dry skin issues. 

This should be ready to cut in a few days and it will be for sale 1 March. 


  1. Wow, that is one luxurious soap. Anyone with sensitive skin is going to love the soap. The burnt honey color is quite lovely and appropriate as well =)

  2. Thanks Anne Marie, hoping to cut later today and it's certainly changed, now looking like a big lump of fudge! Hopefully the inside looks as lovely. I'll put up cut pics when they're done.


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