Thursday, January 20, 2011

ButterBee Silk - Cut Pics

I nervously cut the new ButterBee Silk soap today - I say nervously because I cut the last lot of soaps too early for my tastes which affected their surface (not the soap, I hasten to add, it just made them look a bit more rustic).  But the little change I made to the recipe obviously worked a treat because they are beautifully smooth. 

I used fresh whole Buttermilk, deep amber Turkish Honey and pure Tussah Silk - a combination that'll be hard for anyone with very sensitive skin to resist.  The soap doesn't have any added fragrance or colour - and, to be fair, it didn't need it because it's a beautifully creamy caramel colour all by itself plus it smells wonderfully of creamy rice pudding (due to the milk sugars and honey caramelising no doubt).  I could smell this all day - I hope it last through the cure so you can smell it too.

So, I present, ButterBee Silk - there are 10 lovely soaps and they'll be available from 1 March onwards.

Straight out of the mould

All cut - see how smooth they are?

Up close and personal

Close up of the tops - what a change in colour from when they were freshly poured

I am very happy with these and I predict they're going to be great sellers - I think I probably should make a second batch too!

If you're interested in thsese, they'll be available on from 1 March onwards.


  1. looks like it worked, celine! told ya so, waiting when cutting the soap is really the clue. also, did you use a wire cutter?

  2. I did a few things... changed the recipe slightly (it didn't change the final numbers re conditioning, hardness etc though which I wanted to keep cos I know my recipe feels great on the skin) but it helped it harden up a little quicker. Then I left it and grew some patience! LOL ... but this was cut with a knife.. I'm looking into buying some kind of wire cutter (we had a look around the DIY store but couldn't find anything that'd allow us to swap out a blade for wire). But, ultimately, I really want to buy a more professional wire cutter. But I am VERY happy with these .. wonder if the fragrance will survive the cure?

  3. I just had to pop back in to see the soap cut! Very creamy looking, love it!

  4. Thanks Anne-Marie! I'm very happy with this and it smells divine - nicly caramelised (but not a burnt sugar smell). Love it! I'll definitely use milk & honey again. Can't wait til they're cured to try them out.

  5. Julia - just ordered a wire cutter, it's being made for me now. It's adjustable so I can have bigger or smaller width bars plus it's a log splitter if I decided to have slab moulds too. Can't wait!

  6. Buttermilk is a funny thing to work with. My first buttermilk batch turned out to be pinkish, just like your first photo. The color looks so soft and dreamy! But it slowly morphed into orange instead. Lovely!

  7. Oh so it could possibly change to a more orangey colour? That's interesting .. I'll keep an eye on them and report back if there's any change... cheers!


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