Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Soaperstar Products - available on site now

We've introduced new products on site today!

Our Vanilla Bean Sheer Luxury Body Butter blends the best quality Shea butter, Coconut Oil and Rice Bran Oil with a sweet, creamy rich vanilla fragrance. The fragrance will softly linger on your skin during the day - you'll smell so sweet and delicious!

The butters and oils used have been chosen as they nourish, protect and hydrate your skin.

This is a whipped body butter that will melt immediately on contact with your skin. Take a little on your fingertips and rub into your hands before applying to the rest of your body.

Directions for Use:

  • Apply all over the body as often as desired
  • Gives you delicately scented and highly nourished skin
  • Best used after a bath or shower to help trap the moisture into your skin (allow 10 minutes before dressing)
  • Excellent for use on your feet
  • Excellent for use on dry, sensitive skin but can be used by all skin types very successfully
  • Designed to soak into your skin quickly & easily
  • Perfect for use as a hand and cuticle cream
  • Not recommended for use on your face

We've also introduced our new Sheer Luxury Lip Butters too - we've blended pure Virgin Organic Cocoa Butter with exotic Kokum Butter, skin loving Jojoba Oil and Meadowfoam Oil to make the best lip butter you will ever try! This creates a wonderful sheen on your lips, whilst moisturising and conditioning them at the same time.

Key Ingredients:
  • Virgin Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter - rich, creamy & smooth & smells deeply of chocolate, this butter moisturises, soothes and protects providing a natural source of Vitamin E
  • Kokum Butter - excellent for chapped skin, this creamy butter helps reduce the degeneration of skin cells whilst restoring elasticity
  • Jojoba Oil - has an unique ability to penetrate the upper layer of skin, this oil is particularly good for chapped lips.
  • Meadowfoam Oil - has high emoollient properties and helps promote healthy skin tissue; excellent for dry, cracked and sore lips

Our Sheer Luxury Lip Butter comes in a variety of flavours:
Pure Peppermint - pure Peppermint Essential Oil gives a minty fresh zing to your lips, feel the minty tingle!
Pure Coconut - sweet Coconut with a creamy vanilla base, delicious.
Lemon & Tangerine - a blend of pure Lemon & Tangerine essential oils, giving a zesty zing to your lips.

All our new products are available on our site now - treat yourself to some Sheer Luxury today!

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