Monday, September 6, 2010

Fabulous Review of our new Sheer Luxury Lip Butters - coming soon!

Regular readers might know that I've been working on my lip balm formula for about 6 months now - it's something that I just couldn't seem to perfect.  I kept getting 95% of the way there and stumbling on the last 5%.  As you'll know, I have to utterly love a product before I release it and I wasn't in love... yet.  Just before I went on holidays (actually the day before!) I sent off some samples to a select few people who I knew would give me good, honest feedback.  They are all fabulous people but also all bath and body product makers so they know what they're talking about.  Happily, on my return from holiday, I got a massive thumbs up from them all! Chuffed, that's me!

Tonight, one of my testers, the ever fragrant Helen from (mentioned my Customer Service post about a month ago), wrote a fabulous review on her own blog and I'm really happy to share it with you here! She wrote:

I cannot say that I know anything about cheeses and I know nothing about fine wines but I do think myself as a little bit of a connoisseur, when it comes to lip balms. I have been using a superb Lemon & Tangerine lip balm, created by Soaperstar. 

The instant citrus burst, followed by the delicious cocoa flavour, is reminiscent of a certain famous chocolate orange confectionary – delicious. The balm glides on like a dream, deliciously melting onto the lips with no drag at all – perfect! Initially, when you apply it, it feels cooling but then is feeiling soon replaced by a comforting warm sensation.

I absolutely love a lip balm that shines and boy, this positively gleems!! I have been using it over the top of a natural rosy lip liner and it gives a brilliant effect, making the lips appear healthy, shiny and full. I also like how it lasts so long. Yes, I think I am rather smitten and would, wholeheartedly recommend it. An absolute winner for me!!

You can read the blog post here.  I'm really really happy and proud and thankful for the review! That makes all the hard work over the last 6 months to get it just right, totally worth it!

Now, all I have to do is go and make some and put them on the site! Currently waiting for labels to arrive and I'll be making batches of them this week and next.  Hopefully on site by early October at the latest. 

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