Sunday, September 5, 2010

Amber Vanilla ... I am in love!

Following on from yesterday's post, I'm posting cut pictures of the Amber Vanilla soap I made on Friday 3 September.

Here's how it looked in the mould (apologies in advance for the terrible picture, the light in the room was all wrong but I was in a hurry).

It didn't really look yellow at all, actually it was a very very pale cream.  It had Cocoa Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil and I superfatted it with the best smelling Coffee Butter ever (like the nicest creamiest coffee you'll ever have!).  It's fragranced with Amber Vanilla fragrance oil which is deep and creamy - a grown up sort of vanilla if you will. 

And here are the cut pictures:

The full tester size soap, before cutting and after demoulding

Cut pictures

Swirl close up

Swirl close up

Smooth sides

All the cut soaps

I trimmed the soaps a little; with the leftovers, I wet my hands and squidged them all together into soap balls which will be handy for the kitchen - this is the bubbles it made on my hands - felt great!

These will need 6 weeks to cure before use - in that time, I imagine they are going to darken considerably due to the vanilla fragrance oil used.  I'll post some pictures when they're fully cured to see the differnce in the colour.

So that's my second adventure in cold process soapmaking.  Stay tuned for more info!!


  1. The scent of Amber Vanilla is like heaven and one of my all time personal favorites! Your soap looks lovely and good enough to eat :)

  2. Thank you so much! I love that fragrance and now it's just all tied up with the memories from Turkey too so it adds another element. PS just added your blog to my blog list, love it!

  3. Hello, you're really beautiful these soaps. How do you did the swirls? please can you tell me in my email? is this ...............
    Thank you


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