Monday, June 7, 2010

The Silver Fox!

Well Mr Soaperstar and I had a talk last night and it turns out he'd love to get involved in Soaperstar much more than he does already (when you get a package delivered, he's the one that drops it to the Post Office!). 

So we decided that today, I'd train him in! We decided to jump right in and make a Body Butter together - this is designed to be anti-heat ... as our Body Butters are 100% butters/oils, obviously, in hot weather, they will tend to melt a little.  So, we've added a higher level of harder butters to reduce the "melty" effect (yes, that's a technical term!).

We decided to work with blend of Shea, Mango and Cocoa Butters along with Olive & Sunflower Seed oils as they are soooooo good for your skin.  Mr Soaperstar worked to the recipe perfectly and, under minimal instructions from me, made a perfect body butter... he choose a blend of Lime, Litsea, Orange Blossom on a woody/musky base to fragrance it (it's a beautiful, a perfect unisex, Summer scent). 

The base butter was a creamy colour but he wanted to colour it with a tinch of purple mica but that sort of turned it silver instead so we choose to call it The Silver Fox! It's very appropriate for Mr Soaperstar as he's a little bit of a silver fox himself! Hope you like the pictures and the story - I have to say it's a really excellent butter and it just smells fabulous!


  1. Alright Mr Soaperstar...way to jump in there, and what a great job you did!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments - people have been really excited at the thought of him doing this, is it that men just don't normally get involved in B&B making? Not sure but it was great fun. He just asked me can he make a soap next!!! LOL.. loving it!

  3. He's very clever that Mr Soaperstar! Must be great to have a helper x

  4. A family affair, loved this story


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