Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Body Butters from Soaperstar

Hi everyone... sorry I've been so lax about writing to the blog but I've just been up to my eyeballs and beyond with everything lately.  As you know I also work full-time and that job has times when it's extremely stressful, the last 2 months being one of those times.  On top of that, you may know that I am involved in a collaborative venture with some women friends, all of whom run their own businesses and have worked to get our Facebook and Twitter accounts up and running and, in the last week, set up a forum for people to join (if you're interested in joining, the link is

Anyway, despite all that and some family issues, I spent last weekend making lots of body butters and I wanted to show you here. I've also redesigned my labels and I think they are clearer and fresher and, most importantly, more professional looking.  I've also redesigned my soap labels to match with these but they're not quite at final sign off stage as yet. 

So - to the Body Butters!

Geranium & Lavender - Essential Oil Blend

Citrus Sunshine - with a blend of Tangerine, Mandarin & May Chang Essential Oils

Summer Sunflower - a wonderfully summery fragrance

Raspberry Blonde - a sweet deep blend of juicy Raspberries & soft Vanilla

Sandalwood & Vetiver - deep sensual woody blend of fragrance, very unisex

I love each of them and I really enjoyed making them - I am moving towards developing my range into specific fragrance groups and these are the start towards that. Each of these butters contains Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and the Citrus Sunshine, Raspberry Blonde and Geranium & Lavender all contain exotic Illippe Butter.  For details on each of these butters including the benefits they give to your skin, check out our website. 

I really hope you enjoyed seeing these and sorry again for having been so quite lately.  If you're interested in purchasing any of this butters or any of our luxury handcrafted goatsmilk & glycerine soaps, then check out our website at - you can join our Fan Page on Facebook at or you can follow me on Twitter at


  1. Hi Celine
    Love your new look and the fragrances in your body butters are just gorgeous..well done !

  2. Celine, your new labels are excellent.....still brigh and fresh looking, but with added sophistication.
    The butters sound divine too, may chang is one of my favourite scents, and lavender and geranium is a classic. Well done *hug*


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